Almost 20 state objects privatized in Azerbaijan

A total of 19 state-owned properties were sold on November 29 during the auction of Azerbaijan’s State Committee on Property Issues.

Three small state objects and one unused non-residential area are located in Baku, one is in Ganja, two in Tovuz, and two unused non-residential areas are in Goychay. The privatized joint-stock companies Metalqab and Zaqatala Kəndkimya are large industrial enterprises.

As a result of privatization of these facilities, the state budget will receive 500,000 manats ($287,000).  

Next auction, which will take place on December 6, will cover 100 objects of state property.

The third stage of privatization started in the framework of the decree dated May 19, 2016 by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on additional measures to improve the process of state property privatization, as well as the presidential Decree from July 19, 2016, on some measures to improve the management efficiency and accelerate privatization of state property.

Under the decree, the acceleration of the state property privatization process has been defined as an important direction of the economic policy.

The privatization process is designed to attract both foreign and local investors, as well as improve the business environment of Azerbaijan.

The full list of the state enterprises is available at